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I can honestly say that, I love life. I’ll add that loving life feels good. The goodness of life continues to deepen and mature in my experience, and it does so in ways that I have yet to find words for. I can say with certainty that I came to love life “in relationship.” It turns out that a commitment to practicing love is the fertile soil for growing capacity for loving life, and that that same commitment reveals limitations. The light of commitment does not discriminate, it shines on everything. 

I have learned that as human mammals, we are relational creatures. We are born in relationship; we develop our identity in relationship; we experience wounding in relationship; we heal and repair trauma patterns, you guessed it, in relationship. I consider myself a humble and lifelong student of relationship. Any mastery I may have in the area of relationship, I have cultivated in relationship, and not in isolation. I find it deeply satisfying helping people restore their love of life and their capacity to feel goodness by restoring relationship and connection to their underlying wellspring of health and source of wholeness, in a safe and sacred space, and in relationship. 

Since 1976, all of my education, training, teaching, and professional practice has had a common orientation: to restore the experience of essential wholeness, inherent health, and vital aliveness while clearing obstructions, obstructions to one’s love of life. 

I combine a variety of approaches, all of which operate from the fundamental truth that wholeness is present in each of us, ready to be tapped into as our source and wellspring of health, vitality, and goodness. Wholeness can be experienced as intact and available. Essential Wholeness is at the core of our very being, and is not a result of fixing brokenness. We restore health while embodying wholeness. Living from our individual connection to a vast wellspring of nourishment creates, sustains, and restores our experience of vital health, creativity, and expression. Wholeness contains love. Love contains wholeness. Wholeness is intact and available, and it exists from pre-conception through the moment of death. 

When I was not more than fourteen years old, I had awakened to what I would call my quest to raise my future children from kindness, attuned presence, and in every way that would ensure my children knew secure attachment and had direct experience of wholeness, goodness, non-violence, and the freedom to be. Then, I did not have that language for what I knew I wanted, and I had absolutely no idea how to achieve my purpose. I nevertheless claimed my purpose with a passion, and the path unfolding continues to reveal itself to this day.

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Biodynamics is an approach to the teaching and practice of Craniosacral Therapy that acknowledges the deepest foundations of the human system. We, as human beings, are seen to be an expression of the wholeness of life itself, and are not separate from the vast forces at work throughout the universe. In this concept, a spiritual essence called the Breath of Life is perceived to generate a subtle tide-like ordering and organizing principle called primary respiration that manifests as a biodynamic life force or potency within the human system.

This intrinsic health integrates all cellular and tissue form and function, from the moment of conception until death, and is constantly at work maintaining the best possible balance and homeostasis even in the most desperate circumstances.

The intention of biodynamic clinical work is to re-establish the relationship between inertial or conditioned mind-body states and the intrinsic health of primary respiration.

This work is founded on:

  • practitioner presence
  • the establishment of a clear and negotiated relational field
  • the ability to perceive and differentiate phenomena that relate to primary respiration and its interplay with unresolved conditional, historic or traumatic forces
  • the ability to facilitate states of equilibrium and stillness within which the presence of conditional forces and related mind-body states can be processed and resolved

- Franklyn Sills


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Somatic Experiencing®

Trauma may be defined as having an incomplete, self-protective response that has become trapped in the nervous system. People create beliefs about themselves and the world as a result of what happened. The gift of Somatic Experiencing® is that it helps you to complete the incomplete response and discover that the threat is no longer in the conditions that were once out of your control. Healing is about restoring your response-flexibility, self-regulation and a sense of mastery in your own body.

I integrate Somatic Experiencing® with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, in which I am tracking your nervous system and supporting you to track your own felt awareness. As a practitioner, I am listening and noticing from a place of authenticity, of regulating my own nervous system, and I am supporting you to regulate yours, with tools and experiences you can take with you.

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Pre & Perinatal Therapy


I love to work with parents, babies and adults in an integrated approach to healing early developmental trauma. When you are pregnant and parenting, you have an incredible power and opportunity to prevent trauma in your children, before it becomes "the way the tree grows." What I have noticed with my clients, and myself, is that we can develop profoundly self-limiting beliefs based on our survival instinct in our earliest beginnings, and we then live our lives through the lens of these limitations.

The embryo is over 90% water, and in our fluid and tissue body, even as adults where we are 70% water, we still have am embryonic memory of this wholeness and fluid nature. Healing early developmental trauma is an opportunity to reconnect, to bring our impulse to survive into conscious relationship with our deeper impulse for life, love and purpose on the planet. This impulse has been present since preconception, and it is in this reconnection that we are freed in our adult lives to live our purpose in a more direct and unencumbered way, as the essence of who we are, rather than living our lives from self-protection.

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Dr. Hauschka Facial
& Body Treatment

This holistic face and body treatment is the ultimate in self-care. Dr. Hauschka's approach to health was rooted in his practice as an anthroposophical doctor who worked with the biodynamic forces of plants and found ways to potentize those forces in medicines, and later, in skin care products. The result was the creation of products that nourish the skin, support metabolic and regenerative processes, and meet the rhythms of the human body.

The 2 Hour Dr. Hauschka Facial & Body Treatment is comprised of a series of warm compresses and products applied to the entire body. The treatment settles the nervous system and offers an experience of rest and rejuvenation. I begin each treatment with finding out about your life, your diet, your skin, and your nervous system. I apply herbal bath preparations to your body, and massage your hands, feet, scalp, neck, shoulders, and decollete. Finally, I massage your face with fine hair brushes. The whole treatment is done in a space of love and respectful contact.

I started working with Dr. Hauschka products because I could feel the aliveness in them. I was a Waldorf teacher and knew about biodynamic agriculture and growing plants in cooperative with the natural forces and then using them in a way that cooperates with our human rhythms. Twenty years later, I received my first Dr. Hauschka treatment, and I was as so moved by the experience of feeling safe enough to rest and be loved, by the slow rhythmic movements of the treatment and the presence of the practitioner, that I was transformed and inspired to share this with others.

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